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Suicide Watch


Suicide Watch is a horror novel by American horror novelist Chris Rellim and will be published by Beacon Publishing Group (NY, NY).



Chronological History

7/19/19 - The manuscript was ACCEPTED for publication (Beacon Publishing Group; NY, NY). 

6/24/19 - The manuscript was submitted to my publisher for consideration. The manuscript is 815 pages and approximately 167,700 words.

6/7/19  - The manuscript is finished. Now in the final polishing stages. 156,054 words

6/6/19 - The manuscript is close to being finished. As it stands, it is 151,687 words.

ca. late Feb 2019 - work started on the manuscript for Suicide Watch

Historical Background

The conception of the idea for Suicide Watch came to Rellim in a flash a day or two after he had received the news in September 2018 one of his younger brothers committed suicide. At the time, Rellim was working on another horror novel The Child Snatcher (a work still in progress due to the voluminous nature of the structure). It wasn't until late February 2019 Rellim made the decision to shelve work on The Child Snatcher and begin work on Suicide Watch. The manuscript took approximately four months to write.   




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